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Monday June 15

Justin W. Cook – Executive Director of the Center for Complexity at RISD

Gina Siddiqui MD, NYC Health + Hospitals

Divya K. Chhabra—MD, Child Psychiatry Fellow in NYC; SAMHSA Minority Fellowship Chair 

Wendy Dean—MD, psychiatrist; co-founder and CEO of Non-Profit Moral Injury of Healthcare

N. Stuart Harris—MD, MFA, FRCP Edin. Chief of the MGH Division of Wilderness Medicine, MGH Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Director; attending physician MGH Department of Emergency Medicine

Jaclyn O’Halloran—RN BSN 

Jay Baruch—MD, Associate Professor Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University; Director of the Medical Humanities and Bioethics Scholarly Concentration




Dan Hill—Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, Swedish Government’s innovation agency; Visiting prof UCL Bartlett IIPP and Design Academy Eindhoven


Recorded live dialogue between front-line emergency medicine practitioners Gina Siddiqui, MD, + N. Stuart Harris, MD, compass author Stacey Springs, PhD, and moderated by CfC Executive Director Justin W. Cook, and Strategic Design Lead Sahib Singh.

Morning EDT 

Symposium Welcome

21st Century Structures of Care

Afternoon EDT 

Culture & Constructs

3-4:30pm EDT
Pathways Towards Systems Change in Emergency Medicine

Tuesday June 16

Punitha Dhavaraja Balamurugan—Lead-Education, Training and Assessment, Infosys

Damian White—Dean, Liberal Arts, RISD

Mary Jo (MJ) Kaplan—Founder and CEO at Kaplan Consulting LLC

Tom Weis—Associate Professor, RISD and co-founder of the Steel House

Charlie Cannon—Design Consultant; Associate Professor, RISD

Harry Jones—Founder, Virtuu, former West Point faculty

Ignacio Garnham—Founder, Abiotchs; Consultant; Social Entrepreneur

Morning EDT 

Collapse & (re)Construct

Afternoon EDT 

Chaos & Control

Thursday June 18

Morning EDT 

Commons & Capital​


Afternoon EDT 

1:30pm - 3:00pm EDT




Compasses & Calibrations



Generation C & The Future of Education

5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT
Collaborative Conversations

Wednesday June 17

Morning EDT 

Contact & Constraints

Afternoon EDT 

Crisis & Capacity

5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT
Collaborative Conversations

Judah Armani—Founder, InHouse Records

Nora KhanWriter; Critic, RISD, Digital+Media; Editor, Rhizome




Ingrid Burrington—Senior Fellow, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab

Live conversation and making with Compass Contributors Tom Weis, Charlie Cannon & Harry Jones, with Respondent Ignacio Garnham.

Recorded panel discussion.

Douglass Carmichael—Strategy Consultant, Institute for New Economic Thinking

Jonathan Bishop Highfield—Professor, RISD

Indy Johar—Co-founder Project 00 & Dark Matter labs, Senior Innovation Associate Young Foundation



Open Dialogue with Indy Johar and Douglass Carmichael

Bryan Boyer—Co-founder & Partner, Dash Marshall. Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Michigan

Stacey Springs—PhD, Research Associate, Brown University School of Public Health

CfC, working with the Providence Student Union, brought together students from Rhode Island, Arizona, North Carolina, Missouri, and Texas via Zoom to share their insights and experiences in order to reimagine the future of education.



Live conversation and making with Compass Contributor Judah Armani with Respondent Katie Edmonds. Recorded discussion will be posted on Monday June 22.

Friday June 19
Monday June 22


CfC Closing Remarks

Morning EDT 

Closing Remarks 

Symposium Publication to come shortly!...

All day

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